Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anderson Greenplan Ltd.

Anderson Greenplan Ltd. is a Vancouver Island consulting company that specializes in both sustainable land development planning and green building design. Since 2000, Greenplan has been integrating renewable energy technologies into their building designs. Ranging from small off-grid cabins and large estate homes to ecologically and socially sensitive community scale projects, Greenplan has included solar, wind, and geo-exchange systems into many of their client initiatives. From passive and active solar and rainwater collection systems, to alternative building membranes and permaculture-based landscape design, Greenplan offers a broad range of services to address the needs of each client.

Company president, Jack Anderson, B.E.S. (ARCH), is a professional planner with over 23 years of experience in local government service, ecological community planning, and building design, and it is this expertise which sets Greenplan apart.

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