Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nanaimo We Invite You to live in the Light

Taken from the One Cool Habitat Website:
We should never underestimate the importance of harvesting one of nature’s daily offerings within our spaces: natural light. The benefits of our living and work spaces receiving a decent shot of nature’s caffeine should not be underestimated. From those first rays that infiltrate our senses, their gradual creep conditions our feelings towards our surrounds, while projecting warmth, comfort and security. Yes, while we occasionally bemoan its overabundance and invasion into our spaces, it's an easier task to filter those rays than to catch them.  
Let's turn to the big screen for some perceptions of how light's effect is played out in our surrounds. Mr Vader’s inferences of heading to a place where the light doesn't shine  –  “the dark side” –  left us in no doubt that evil lurks where light does not. And yet on a different tack, so many of our likable but tragically hapless victims are often instructed to head towards the light when the opportunity presents itself.
And can a prison movie exist without at least one convict being thrown into ‘the hole’? You may question how stale crackers and cramped surrounds might break a man, but I suspect the absence of light may have a lot to do with it. If we picture a place with no night or day, or perception of time and space, no hues or tones, and none of light’s radiance or warmth, we can see how diminished rays of light can rapidly diminish any rays of hope.
In another (somewhat perplexing) movie, The Lake House, the character of a bedridden architect has this to say: “An architect must consult with nature. He MUST be captivated by the light, ALWAYS the light... ALWAYS!” And, indeed, he had a point for there is never a better opportunity to get it right than in the planning phase. It's here that careful design can ensure that we benefit from the seasons rays entering our chosen spaces.
The ever-expanding range of synthetic lighting on the market today continually makes leaps in efficiencies, quality and usefulness, and it is one of the greatest complements to our functioning spaces. However, it is no substitute for the endless diversity offered from the sun’s rays. Nature’s light does not emit from the wattage of a fixed overhead source. This light that filters through our windows offers us ever-changing intensities of warmth, hues, reflections and shadow. We cannot compare the intensities of light within the aisles of a department store to that of the sun’s rays on our skin, nor expect any soft setting pink hues to appear within the checkout department because the lights were recently switched off.
So when you next frequent one of your more popular spots, spare a thought and take a moment to experience the light. Look around and get a feel of what it is that draws you to that space. Often it is the ever-changing qualities of light that invite and captivate us, and make those our preferred spaces.
From morning to dusk, in large amounts or small, light is our companion: we should seek to make the most from that companionship –  ALWAYS!

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