Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Canadian Bark Design All Terrain Cabin

Canada's Bark Design Collective built the All Terrain Cabin (ATC) as a showcase for sustainable (and Canadian!) ingenuity. The small home is based on a standard shipping container, and is said to be suitable for a family of four, plus a pet, to live off the grid in comfort and style.

The cabin folds up to look like any old shipping container, and can be sent via rail, truck, ship, airplane or even helicopter. When you're ready to rest your bones, the cabin quickly unfolds to 480 square feet of living space, with a range of creature comforts.

Once on site, the two twenty foot side walls unfold to create a total of 480 sf of living space including an open air deck on one side and bedroom/living space on the other. These spaces flank the “technological nucleus” of the container that include the kitchen/dining and bathroom areas. The deck is separated from the main space by glass window and door openings while the living/bedroom space is contained underneath a tent.
The ATC is principally constructed using aluminum, wood and glass. Other green features of the ATC include solar panels, a generator that runs on biodiesel fuel, composting toilets, a facility for the re-use of grey water and a rainwater collector. Designed and fabricated to highlight Canadian design ingenuity, the ATC is furnished with Canadian products.
Primary successes of the project are its portability and its self-reliance. The primary shortcoming appears to be its ability to be used comfortably in cold weather conditions due to the difficulty of insulating the spaces within the tent.

Bark Design's Website:http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/projects/6400  This is sustainable.

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