Wednesday, September 7, 2011

League: The World's Intergenerational Wealth™ Institution

This was taken from League's marketing materials. They are a Vancouver Island local business.

Since syndicating its first commercial property purchase in 2004, League has grown to manage approximately $600 million in assets, with total build-out value of approximately $2 billion. This includes the IGW REIT, a $230 million Real Estate Investment Trust, comprised of a portfolio of Canadian commercial, industrial and residential properties, as well as a number of individual Limited Partnerships. League finds, acquires, improves and operates these investment properties on behalf of more than 2500 Member-Partner investors.
This continuing growth, and the exceptional performance of League's investments is directly attributable to the values League espouses in its corporate credo. For we at League hold in highest regard the qualities of honour, friendship, and cooperation with our Member-Partners in the pursuit of our common goals.

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