Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Friends Greenfab / Modern Architectural Design

Greenfab Expands  Greenfab has expanded their architectural design capabilities by bringing on an architect focused on modern residential design that is streamlined and efficient.

With over 300 designs and 4000 units produced for a select list of clients and developers, Greenfab’s new collaboration allows us to continue to provide finished products that achieve a dynamic balance of constructability, costeffectiveness, quality technique, and modern design. We are dedicated to creating a clean and minimalist dwelling space, that supports the modern lifestyle and conscience designs. Please enjoy a sample of the existing work completed by our new partner. >>>

I am excited to see what is happening in Seattle and Area. I know this can be done on Vancouver Island as well. Why not? Why live in a wasteful home? You do not have to. You choose to. 

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