Monday, September 19, 2011

Some of Our Friends...

Trimor Mortgage Investment Corporation (TMIC) offers Investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified mortgage portfolio. Producing consistent returns, since our inception in 2005 we have averaged a 9.6% return to our investors.

It is our belief that a diversified portfolio should include a real estate component that generates a consistant income stream. Mortgage investments have proven to be a reliable source of income and a strategy that gives the average investor an opportunity to participate in large scale developments. All of our real estate investments offer real security and maintain a 8-10% return on investment.Our company's extensive experience in all aspects of real estate allows us to select the properties and projects that possess the highest value for our clients.  Mortgage Investment Corporations are companies organized to allow investors to invest in pools of mortgages rather than a single mortgage.  Profits generated by MICs are distributed to its shareholders according to their proportional interest. An investor in a MIC earns a blended rate of return based on the interest earned from each respective mortgage. The pool is continuously managed with new mortgages replacing mortgages that mature. A MIC is intended to appeal to investors who want a real estate oriented investment managed by professionals.  For more +

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