Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UPDATED Canada's TSE is different? What are your thoughts

Updated Tuesday Oct 4, 4PM :

In my opinion, the problem is not Wall Street. It is those that use Wall Street with manipulation and deciet. I support investing in companies. Especailly those that are for the greater good but the problems are the insider traders, the groups that consciously manipulate stocks or commodities, like oil, in order to create a predicted planned event in order to create money. This is not investing. This is stealing from those that invest honestly and partner with companies using investors money to promote and create products / service of value.

To short a company and then pull away funding so the stock dives is price manipulation. To purposefully drive up the cost of oil,  and then blame it on unrelated circumstances is not investing. It is stealing. They take these billions of profits, lobby and buy Congressmen to make laws, which allows  them to continue to manipulate the markets in ways that create wealth for themselves. This in not investing. Companies like Goldman Sacks, Monsanto and Phizer control the law makers along with the laws themselves. Wall Street is not the problem. Those that use it to take money out of the system, not make money ethically is the problem.

Wall Street Protesters Brewing Tea Party of the Left? Not Yet, Strategists Say
Fox News- Protesters who've gathered under the banner of "Occupy Wall Street" are looking to light a movement, but as hundreds of demonstrators rally against corporate "greed and corruption," they have a long way to go before becoming a defined cause like the Tea Party, say political analysts. 1 comment

Occupy Wall Street Protests Springing Up Across The Nation

Posted: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 17:04:18 +0000
Occupy Wall Street sign
Despite a striking lack of coverage in the mainstream media, word of the ongoing occupation of Wall Street in New York City is slowly making its way across the United States.
Despite criticism that the occupation lacks leadership, cohesion, and goals, support continues to arrive in the form of food, significant monetary donations, and people who are willing to sleep in the street to remind banks and corporations who they really work for.
Despite ridicule from the Wall Street elite, who enjoy police protection to and from work everyday, while protesters endure police brutality for exercising their Constitutional Rights, a revolution is brewing in Liberty Park. And it’s spreading.
So far at least 52 cities in America are occupied or organizing, and more direct actions are being planned every day.
It’s time for those actions to become more tactical, more disruptive, and bigger.
Groups have established a hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. This site helps people find or plan actions in their city, and provides resources for participants.
It’s time to stop thinking about this protest as something meant for others. Unless you’re part of the handful of people making billions of dollars a year on the backs of poverty stricken Americans, this movement is for you. It is yours. Just like the streets in which it’s taking place.
You are the 99%. And this is your uprising.
Image Credit: Flickr – edenpictures

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