Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Qube Educational Buildings and Learning Center

Is your home zoned to include a carriage house? what about
an art or dance studio, music room, office or therapy room?
Student housing style room for rent? 
So that whole phrase, “think out of the box” is totally exempt in this particular scenario, because with The Qube you’re actually intentionally IN THE BOX. The Qube creates just what you’re thinking, yes, CUBES- actually box cube, modern designed buildings and they don’t just have to be for the home or office, the cube is intended to work in various different ways; garden office, garden studio, TV room, kids room, garden gym, sales office or health suite, salon, etc.

Qube Modular Buildings are perfect solutions for rapid build, on time Educational Buildings and Learning Centres. Qube Structures are one of the leading organisations in the UK that supply and install new classrooms, IT suites, staff room or sports halls for community schools. We think Qube is on to something good.. add Solar PV/ rooftop garden & greywater recycling. 

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