Sunday, October 23, 2011

Regional District of Nanaimo Offers Eco-Friendly Rebates!

Green Building Incentives
Incorporating the following sustainability measures on your next construction or renovation project can save you money and time, while helping make your property more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The RDN has started a  voluntary incentive program with rebates in all RDN Electoral Areas, and in the District of Lantzville. Financial incentives are only available to homeowners and owner-builders, however commercial and institutional developers can also access staff resources and gain recognition by completing the Sustainable Development Checklist.  Purchase of eligible products or services must be made after program start date April 1, 2011.

Sustainable Development Checklist - $500-$1000

  • Homeowners and owner-builders can earn $500 - $1000 based on their Checklist score. Commercial and institutional developers who complete the Checklist can also consult with RDN staff and participate in region-wide Green Building recognition programs.
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Graded Site-Cut Timber Incentive - $250

  • A rebate for homeowners who provide documentation confirming the use of site-cut timber for a structure requiring a building permit.
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Woodstove Exchange - $250 for a new stove
  • Replace an existing wood burning appliance that does not conform to the CSA B415.1 Standard with an EPA certified wood burning, pellet, or gas stove or insert.
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Solar Hot Water System Installation - $250
  • The RDN will provide this rebate upon system inspection, or sign-off by a qualified installer.
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Home Energy Assessment - $60
  • Any homeowner will receive this rebate for completing a home energy assessment that results in an EnerGuide Rating for that home, regardless of actual rating.
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Toilet Rebate - $50-$75
(available only in RDN Electoral Areas)
  • Replace an old toilet with a flushing capacity of 13 litres or more with a CSA approved low flow or dual flush model, or replace a low-flow model with a dual flush toilet.
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Solar Hot Water System Bulk Purchase
  • Groups can work with RDN staff to find rebates toward a bulk purchase of a solar hot water system. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this program. Email:, phone: 250-390-6510.
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More information on Green Building Incentives Programs

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