Friday, October 21, 2011

Rewards for Green - Health = Wealth

by Mark Jacksonguest blogger from

 “It isn’t easy being green” is only true if you’re Kermit. For everyone else, there are benefits!
Beyond the positive environmental impacts of building green, there are individual rewards. Energy efficiency, water reduction, and durable materials save homeowners money immediately and in the long term.

Some of the techniques that create green homes reap additional rewards. Planning a new building starts with the site. First, natural features, such as views, trees, and water, are preserved and highlighted. Then the building is positioned to maximize exposure to sun, bringing light and heat into the home. Finally, materials that are long lasting, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced are selected for the building interior and exterior.

Healthy Food + Healthy Home = Nanaimo
The combination of building and materials are now being proven to improve quality of life for the occupants. According to Jones Lang LaSalle <>, the natural light, views, air quality, and thermal comfort increased productivity and health for workers in green buildings.

In addition, the research found:

Increased performance and concentration
More accurate and faster typing speeds
Reduction in headaches, sore eyes, and fatigue
Healthier workers (One green building retrofit reduced the average monthly cost of sick leave by 44%)

The same benefits that light, air, and environment in green buildings bring to workers must be even larger for those living in green homes. The additional productivity and health can bring more activity and joy to family life.

If you don’t already live or work in one of Nanaimo’s green developments, consider a retrofit  to reap the benefits. A green home brings the light, air, and quality of Vancouver Island living indoors.


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