Monday, October 3, 2011

Second Step: Sell the House for Recycling.

'Thanks to Nickel Bros for the photos
Now that we have decided to sell the home, our next step is to find a buyer. We should mention that the house will be sold and then moved to your lot.

Help us to  recycle this home. We will be replacing the older home with a modern green design . We would have enjoyed upgrading and converting this home, but have chosen instead to recycle and sell the house at an affordable price. It will be an exciting opportunity to save money and refurbish the existing home on your new land and foundation. We love the house. There is a lot of potential for modification and modernization using new design concepts,  incorporating shipping containers and technology created recycled construction materials, adding Solar PV and creating a new ground floor living space and basement. This can be accomplished for a lot less than traditional construction cots. There is a lot of information on Google about this, or simply ask me and I can refer you to online material or business contacts. If you already specialize in upgrading existing homes green, and would appreciate a great priced home as your fist or next project, contact Brett Moeller at 250-816-5334 and he will fill you in on the details. This option doubles the impact of a single lot improvement. Sell, remove, and upgrade the existing asset, while creating a net zero carbon townhome complex as a replacement at the same time. Everyone wins.  If you are interested in contributing in this first project, send Cameron an email.

Here are a few pictures to start with. Contact Brett for other details. I plan on repeating this process many times over the next few months with your assistance. In the process of researching the costs for Solar Hot Water heating and conversion, the price is amazingly affordable considering the fact that the new foundation for the home can incorporate all the energy upgrades, just as if you were building new. The basement and ground floor will be new. This is an ideal solution for everyone. We all win.

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