Monday, October 3, 2011

What is the meaning of Built Green?

Unclear on what it means to build green?

Green building means building houses that are energy efficient, durable, and won't make people sick after they move in.  It also means using less materials and making better use of the ones you buy. I think this includes a fair purchase price, from the right place.  We can do this by designing and building houses...

  • Efficiently
  • To last a long time
  • To use less water and energy and farm their own.
  • That are healthy to live in
In short, we can build green by building better houses. Use information and our global economy to source and provide the latest product advancements—we take the next step in quality.

How do we do that?  Begin by reading the 20 Questions (and answers) below, and then jump in to our Green Building Encyclopedia

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