Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Using Advanced Economics to Solve Poverty in Canada

Poverty and development can sometimes feel like overwhelming issues – the scale is daunting, the problems grand. Ideology drives a lot of policies, and even the most well-intentioned ideas can get bogged down by ignorance of ground-level realities and inertia at the level of the implementer. In fact, we call these the “three I’s” – ideology, ignorance, inertia – the three main reasons policies may not work and aid is not always effective.
But there’s no reason to lose hope. Incremental, real change can be made. Sometimes the change seems small, but by identifying real world success stories, facing up to real world failures, and understanding why the poor make the choices they make, we can find the right levers to push to free the poor of the hidden traps that keep them behind.

We can adapt this economic principle here at home in Canada. Apply this formula to our existing social program. Why FREE is not the solution. Watch the MIT lecture.
Why do we bribe people to do the right thing? Why are we all bribed to do the right thing in our lives?

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