Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Whole Lot, The Containers, The Beginning....

  The Lot is on Gabriola Island. 

32' X 40' Footing for our Green Home main floor. This starts with 4x40' shipping containers which after modification, become sustainable living environments. The 2nd floor and balcony will be accomplished by moving an existing home from Nanaimo to Gabriola. Our plan is to utilize the existing basic solid structure of this recycled home and renovate it green.

We will be able to create an amazing garden and Zen space because of the 120 foot rock wall and large boulders located at the back of this lot. Our plan is to create a climbing wall and utilize the direct exposed sun exposure for our Solar PV power requirements and hydroponics green house water pressure. Interested in providing a quote or have the perfect design for us? We can be reached on Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn, and Facebook among other places. Contact Us.

We are using 4 containers for the main floor.
Our exterior will look nothing like this.

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