Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making A Difference Takes Courage. Kevin Hanna has Courage.

It is said that "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." The intent of this blog is to help release the 'teacher' within that has always been with you - with all of us. I do not profess to be a guru, nor do I have any professional credits following my name. As a fellow student of life, my goal is to assist you in revealing the person you really are by chiselling away the falsities that have shrouded you.  
"As within, so without.."

This Post is from Kevin Hanna's blog, Masterfulthoughts, published 10/01/11. Follow Kevin on Google+ and LinkIn where you can invite Kevin to connect with you,or your organization and begin the productive steps to reach your goals and ideals with clear vision. Use any of the links below and subscribe to his blog Masterfulthoughts. You can contact Kevin using Social Media. 

"Kevin shares his personal experiences and life challenges in an inspiring and motivating way. He has encouraged me to follow my instincts and realize my unseen challenges.  I am thankful for his friendship."

Making Mistakes

Perfection does not exist. We make progress toward a goal, but we rarely move in a straight line toward it without sidesteps. Life is like a zigzag chain of events that first brings everything together just as we want it and then messes it up all over again. We try to do our best, but inevitably we make mistakes. So a large part of normal daily life is spent fixing and repairing mistakes in judgement.
When we accept imperfection as a fact of life, we make peace with the constant need for repairs. Saying I made a mistake is never fun, but when we do it we grow stronger. Every disappointment, every complaint, points to an underlying lesson for growth. We can use them to point us in the right direction. We do not learn anything new from correctly repeating what we already know. We learn from making mistakes and discovering the underlying lesson behind them. http://masterfulthoughts.blogspot.com

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