Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Islolation

When you are working from a home office, the weekends are often the same as the days of a traditional work week, except that you have more time to work out the creative, and prepare for the next week of contacting the regular 9-5 working professionals.

For me, the best part of working from home is the ability to connect directly with a worldwide audience, while still having the same resources I would find in a traditional office. The worst part about working from home can be isolation due to not having real life interaction with others during the day. I joined a fitness centre to get this.  Making sure you have clearly defined goals and a daily task list helps too.

I have been using Google Calendar to organize and manage my contacts, to-do lists, and agenda. I rely on this tool now more than ever. There is a sense of urgency inside me to get this first hurdle accomplished. If it was not for my commitment to make a blog entry every day I would not have made this post. I am glad that I did. Now back to work for me until bedtime. -C

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