Our Story

Nanaimo Green Developments
was started with the desire to convert home builders and home owners in Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada, to choose the option of  living in a sustainable, healthy home. We are located on Vancouver Island, in an area of Canada that has relied heavily over the last 100 years, on the logging industry and paper products, cutting down trees to support local community expansion and the economy. Our old growth forests have been nearly depleted. The lumber industry out of reduced resources has been forced to change. Pulp and paper technology and production are also changing. As with all paradigm shifts, there is opportunity for streamlined innovation to fill this void left behind. We share this same desire for change as do many local Nanaimo business.

"We are surrounded by a community that openly promotes and supports our core values." 

Nanaimo Green Developments focus on green sustainable home construction using readily available materials such as shipping containers combined with traditional construction techniques. Nanaimo Green Developments is using re-claimed materials whenever ethically and aesthetically possible. We are maximizing living space with an open, clean, and bright atmosphere. But the innovation is much more than the construction materials and the modern, healthy, sustainably efficient design.

Nanaimo Green Developments utilize solar energy to heat and power our homes. Rooftop and window gardens, Android controlled, energy efficient appliances, and security automation using your smartphone are a small part of embracing our future. There are so many options of newly available advancements in technology. The obstacles of existing wasteful procedures and outdated technology in the construction trades have been overcome due to our streamlined process and valuable alliances with international and local companies. The ability to Tweet, Facebook, Google+ , LinkedIn network, YouTube, and Social media connecting has been a key factor in our ability to source suppliers, products, and the latest innovation from around the world. We now understand and realize that it is a choice to settle for options that are outdated and often more expensive.

Nanaimo Green Developments uses the Pre-Fab construction model because of the efficient use of materials, and very little waste. Because of this, we manufacture luxury and affordability, while reducing construction times, and increasing efficiency.

Nanaimo is an ideal location from a logistics perspective. Deep water shipping ports, resourceful talented trades professionals, astoundingly creative artistic community, and a majority population that want to preserve the beauty, energy, and magic of this paradise we call home. I look forward to working with you in any capacity. For any inquiries, contact us at +1-250-797-4043 or via any social media platform.

Cameron Whitehead
Nanaimo Green Developments