I am gathering a list of contacts and suppliers we will be using for our projects. Some of them offer discounts and savings to our blog readers, others simply provide us with compensation for spreading their good news and reputation. I figure if I am having to research this information, chances are someone else is too. I hope I can help even in a small way.  I will be able to provide you with real-life endorsement. They also support us in return for sharing the good news.

If you have any concerns at all about your privacy, especially using your smartphone, you should download this free app now. It is called Keeper and gives you security and functionality for free. I have sourced wholesale appliances, including contractor pricing available from Appliance Connection. $75 Coupon Code for Appliances Connection. Use SAVE $75 at checkout. They have whole department dedicated to EnergyStar and EnerGuide appliances at wholesale rates, including Contractors, Designers, Schools, Government, and others. The BC credits are still available for many of these upgrades. They will ship from Vancouver and have offices all over the world to handle international orders.

386920_ER Free Shipping
Emergency Reserve supplies scientifically researched nutrition in their food reserve program for families. Free shipping for our blog readers and guests.

Why Does Going Green Have To Be So Expensive And Difficult for the Average Family?

It Doesn’t!  I can show you how to Go Green and live a more Sustainable Life and Actually Save Money at the same time.!!!  Finally A Support System for Those Who Want To Go Green on a Budge!